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15 Nov 2007 IE6-Killer

Also, darauf (Screenshot dieses Blogs im IE6, gemacht mit browsershots.org) bin ich ein kleines bißchen stolz:


Kann das jemand reproduzieren?

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  1. * Klaus (15.11.07, 13:32):

    Kann ich mit meinem IE6 nicht nachvollziehen.

    Es scheint aber ein Problem mit der Breite zu geben. Die Sidebar erscheint nicht neben dem Content sondern erst darunter. Dafür aber rechts.

  2. * YellowLed (16.11.07, 11:45):

    Auch Dir danke für den Hinweise – es sollte nunmehr behoben sein.

  3. * Don Chambers (15.11.07, 21:49):

    IE6 does not crash for me on your site. The left sidebar is, however, located below content. Try clear: right on the sidebar.

    Also a problem with content shifting left. That begins just after your blockquote in “Mein Freund, der Baum”.

    Finally – body and sidebar background images not displayed.

  4. * YellowLed (16.11.07, 08:23):

    We’ll see if clear: right; does the trick, thanks.

    Content shifting after blockquote, I had that in my last template also … maybe ie6 doesn’t like blockquotes with a p inside?

    The images are not displayed on purpose. ie6 and PNG images, remember?

  5. * YellowLed (16.11.07, 11:38):

    clear: right; did the trick, at least in my ie6. Thanks again. Some very weird thing with ie6 and blockquotes – using the same border as in modern browsers shifts the content. Switching that border to what it’s now in ie6 doesn’t …

  6. * Don Chambers (16.11.07, 15:41):

    There must be more to it that a p inside a blockquote. I have a test like that in my development database, and it does not produce the same problem.

  7. * Carl (03.12.07, 07:54):

    Hey good work, it’s always nice to see that ugly msg from IE, it means your site must be optimized for real browsers, well done!

  8. * YellowLed (03.12.07, 21:49):

    Here’s the thing: You don’t have to “optimize” a site for real browsers, it usually just works :) What’s scary is that this means that IE7 is actually a real browser … ;-)

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