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23 Jan 2006 Eigene s9y-Themes bauen

... ist so schwer nicht. Einiges an zusätzlicher Dokumentation zur eigentlichen Styles-Doku gibt es bei Carl Galloway (meinem heißen Favoriten für den s9y-1.0-Default-theme-contest).

(All of these are in English of course. Right now, Carl is probably wondering where all these foreign language trackbacks come from ;-))

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  1. * Carl (23.01.06, 17:46):

    Matthias, danke für Ihr trackback, my german is very rusty, but I would love to translate my serendipity pages into german if they could be useful to other s9y theme designers. Your trackback makes me think I might have to do this sooner than I was expecting


  2. * YellowLed (23.01.06, 18:03):


    I have just posted my translation of your commented style sheet to the s9y-devs mailing list and Garvin has invited me to put it into the s9y wiki (which I will do sometime this evening). Drop me a hint, which pages you’d like to have translated and I’ll see what I can do :-)

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